Throughout human history there has been warrior culture, a culture that emphasizes mastery of self in order to deal with the challenges of a changing environment. In every part of the globe from Africa, to Europe, to Asia, and even The Americas there has been a culture of warriorship passed down from master to disciple. Included in these skills were various methods of armed and unarmed combat. Through the study of these skills we're are able to maximize mental and physical integration as well as gaining an increased ability to protect our families, loved ones, homes, and property from the negative elements of society. The mission of Warrior Wisdom Martial Arts is to research, cultivate, and disperse this transformational knowledge. We emphasize one on one private instruction so that the specific needs of each student can be met. In each one hour session you will have direct contact with a master instructor, as a result you will excel rapidly and gain practical skill very quickly. Warrior Wisdom is the knowledge gained through the experience of self-mastery, we use martial arts as the method for gaining that experience.

Tuition Rates are as follows;

Contact Sifu Bryant K. Feld

For details for or call (856)625-3130 Due to the technical nature of the material and a limited amount of time Sifu can only accept a limited number of dedicated students at any given time. Please call or email for availability. A waiting list is available for those who are interested.

About the instructor

Sifu Bryant K. Feld has over fourty years experience in the martial arts. He began his training in 1978 in the art of Aikido and continued training until earning the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt). After graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Philosophy Sifu Bryant went on to study Ving Tsun Kung Fu under Master Moy Bah Hugh (Pete Pajil) a direct disciple of Grandmaster Moy Yat and was certified as an instructor in the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu lineage in November of 1997 and began teaching Ving Tsun in the year 2000. Sifu Bryant became a member of Hock Hochheim's Scientific Fighting Congress in 2003 earning level ten in SFC Force Necessary Unarmed Combatives in 2008 and level ten in SFC Pacific Archipelago Combatives in 2009. Sifu Bryant is a level 3 practicioner of the I Liq Chuan system under Sifu Wai Tang who is a direct student of Master Sam Chin, the current gatekeeper of the I Liq Chuan system. Sifu Bryant also offers holistic health coaching as a certified natural health professional and personal effectiveness coaching utilizing The Prime Fractal Philosophy.

Our Training Philosophy

Martial arts training provides a path to self mastery and the opportunity to change your nature, if you are willing to do the work. Our curriculum is taught with the understanding that the student MUST do the work, for each one hour private lesson the student is expected to do a minimum of 5 hours of training and study on his or her own. We are not giving you something that you can put in your pocket and walk away with or something that you can put on like a shirt. We are offering truly transformational knowledge that must be digested and absorbed in order for it to be of any real use. It would be a waste of time to engage in this as casual study, if you are serious then I believe we have what you're looking for. The door is open, the path awaits.