Edged Weapon Combat

The Edged Weapon Combatives curriculum is structured around the used of any edged weapon as a tool for self defense and or combat. We examine strategy, tactics, and techniques utilizing knives (both fixed blade and folding) as well as short and long swords. The material is drawn from weapons based arts from the Philippines as well China and Japan.

"Criminal and military history reveals that a real world knife fight is more rough and tumble (like football or rugby) and less like fencing. So-called “dueling” can happen, but it is an event least likely to occur in our modern times of mixed weapons in war, crime, emotion and ambush. In this knife combatives course, I have carefully crafted a doctrine where you will learn how to use a knife to its maximum potential in all grips: standing, kneeling, sitting and on the ground, with less-than-lethal and lethal results. In this course, I have carefully crafted for you a doctrine where you will learn how to use a knife to its maximum potential. This doctrine includes all the better parts of military knife fighting-such as Russian Knife Fighting, South African and Rhodesian knife fighting, as well as Filipino knife fighting, American and European knife fighting. Also, this includes a study in criminal and prison knife fighting and knife self-defense. Plus knife combatives training innovations."- Hock Hochheim