Unarmed Combatives

The modern unarmed combatives curriculum is based on material from Hock Hochheim's Force Necessary Unarmed Combatives. It consist of striking,kicking, and grappling techniques standing kneeling and on the ground. The focus is on efficient pragmatic solutions to modern self defense scenarios. This curriculum is suitable for anyone but is ideal for those who have no previous training and want to learn simple and straight forward techniques, methods and strategies for unarmed self defense.

A few of the topics covered in this course include;

Scientific Fighting Congress - Force Necessary Unarmed Combatives (CQC) - Private instruction. The CQC curriculum combines the best techniques and tactics of both eastern and western fighting methods. This course consist of 10 levels, each level is taught in ten one hour sessions.The curriculum consist of strikes, kicks, cranks, invading entries, takedowns, throws in standing, kneeling and ground combat scenarios, with and against empty hands, or modern weapons like sticks, knives and guns. All supported by skill developing drills. This is perhaps like a college course of fighting. The first three levels are designed to be the basic self defense crash course. You can train simply for knowledge or for certification.

We research,train, and implement strategies and tactics for the following;

  • Neutralizing the "Street Fighter"
  • Unarmed vs Sticks, Batons ,Clubs,etc
  • Unarmed vs Knives
  • Gun Disarms
  • Ground Fighting Solutions
  • Multiple Opponents