About Ving Tsun Kung Fu

Ving Tsun, also known as Wing Chun, is a highly effective Chinese martial art renowned for its efficiency, practicality, and directness in combat. It originated in the southern province of Guangdong during the late 17th century, and its development is often attributed to the legendary Ng Mui, a Buddhist nun and martial artist. What sets Ving Tsun apart is its emphasis on sensitivity, simultaneous defense and attack, and the principle of using the opponent's energy against them. It's characterized by its compact and economical movements, allowing practitioners to swiftly neutralize threats. One of the key features of Ving Tsun is its focus on close-range combat. The system employs techniques such as chain punches, low kicks, and trapping hands, making it particularly effective in confined spaces or when dealing with aggressive opponents. Ving Tsun also places a significant emphasis on cultivating the mind, teaching students to remain calm under pressure and to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. It's not only a physical discipline but also a mental and philosophical one, promoting personal growth and self-awareness. Today, Ving Tsun has gained popularity worldwide, with countless practitioners honing their skills in schools and training centers across the globe. It continues to be respected for its practicality and effectiveness in real-world self-defense scenarios.

Questions and Answers...

Is Warrior Wisdom Ving Tsun right for me?

Learning Ving Tsun Kung Fu is mentally and physically challenging. You will need the ability to undertstand and internalize certain principles and identify and develop a specific set of attributes. Ving Tsun Kung Fu training also requires physical conditioning and the development of mental acuity. You will develop efficient and practical self defense capability in a relatively short period of time, but it will require hard work. If this sounds appealing to you, then you are welcome to join us.

Should I participate in group classes or take private lessons?

If you are someone who is athletically talented you may benefit from private instruction as you may learn much faster. I recommend those who are interested in private instruction find a training partner who wants to train with them. Not only would that allow you to split the cost of private instruction but you would also have someone to train with to reinforce what you have learned. You may want to try a few group classes first and then decide if you would like private instruction. Private lessons can be booked here, if you are booking your first lesson, please call or email Sifu Bryant prior to booking.

What is the availability for private instruction?

I can only accept a small number of private students. Weekly availability is as follows...

What is the cost of instruction?

Cost of instruction is as follows...

Where are public group classes conducted?

Class meets every Wednesday from 8:45pm to 9:45pm and every Sunday from 8am to 10am at The Martial Way Dojo 61 West Kings Highway Mt Ephraim NJ. We offer one free Wednesday night class at no cost so that you can make an educated decision about joining our Kung Fu family. You can schedule that class here.

School Location

Is instruction offered for children?

At this time we are only offering adult martial arts instruction (18+).

Instructor Bio - Sifu Bryant K. Feld

Sifu Bryant K. Feld has over fourty years experience in the martial arts. He began his training in 1978 in the art of Aikido and continued training until earning the rank of Shodan (1st degree black belt). After graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in Philosophy Sifu Bryant went on to study Ving Tsun Kung Fu under Master Moy Bah Hugh (Pete Pajil) a direct disciple of Grandmaster Moy Yat and was certified as an instructor in the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu lineage in November of 1997 and began teaching Ving Tsun in the year 2000. Sifu Bryant became a member of Hock Hochheim's Scientific Fighting Congress in 2003 earning level ten in SFC Force Necessary Unarmed Combatives in 2008 and level ten in SFC Pacific Archipelago Combatives in 2009. Sifu Bryant is a level 3 practicioner of the I Liq Chuan system under Sifu Wai Tang who is a direct student of Master Sam Chin, the current gatekeeper of the I Liq Chuan system.

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Phone: (856) 375-1891

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